Website as presentation

I´ve searched for ages to find a presentation template, but found none good and easy, but then I discovered the Fullpage.js extension for JQuery. I created a presentation for history, about the kolonisation and dekolonisation of India.

If you can read and write a bit HTML you can understand this template, or you learn it with this.
Download the .zip file
It auto adjust to your screen.
To create your presentation: Open the index.html in a text editor like Geany
The only you have to do is change the colors for every page
and add for every page:

<div class="section" >
<div class="intro">

And change the HEAD and the TEXT to something you like.
To add a line use <p></p>
The page adjust the text that everything fits on a page.
To add a picture use:

<img src="Source/Of/Picture.png" alt="HoverName" />

And change the source name and the HoverName.
To use the webpage you can use a webhost, like 000Webhost, or you can just save it on your pc and open it in a browser.

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